Wendi Hardage of Misaotra is someone in the community who shines a clear light of devotion on what she reverences, for the good of all. Wendi offers clients a personalized, holistic approach to skincare that combines Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Western herbalism. She is a practitioner who also teaches, because she believes so passionately in the importance of learning clean living from ancient techniques. Her Instagram account offers not only an education on how to live rhythmically with the seasons of the planet in a holistic way, but reveals a human being very much in her own personal practice of dedication to the ideals which define her professional choices. This is the devotion of Virgo.

- Britten LaRue, D Magazine


Yesterday, I had my skin served for the second time by Wendi at Misaotra using all Laurel products and I’ve been glowing ever since! There’s just something about a plant-rich facial from Laurel’s intention to Wendi’s loving hands. It’s sensitive , yet effective and soothing with chamomile mists and honey masks.

I take really good care of my skin from the inside-out and the first time I went, I seriously didn’t think she could do anything to make my skin look better, but I’m always shocked by how amazing my skin looks after! A more even-toned and balanced circulation.

Whether you have skin woes or not, go see Wendi for a natural facial that serves your body, mind and spirit!

-Dr. Courtney Kahla, Free To Be Chiropractic, Dallas Women’s Health Maven


Wendi you are a rare gem. I absolutely love how my skin looks! Thank you so much for your caring heart.

-Amy S.


Would give 10 stars if I could! This is one of those reviews I almost don’t want to do because I feel like I’ll never be able to get an appointment because Wendi will be booked!That being said, Wendi is amaze-ing!! She is very knowledgeabl, takes her time, softest hands ever!!! My skin is slowly starting to heal itself after years of acne and two babies back to back that drained my body of all nutrients. I can't say enough good things and can not wait to come .

-Ryan S.


PEOPLE. Wendi's services and these products have saved my life. I'm not exaggerating. I have suffered with cystic acne for the last 10 years and I have tried so many different products and facials over the last few years. I've struggled with major breakouts and aggressive acne from using these high end products from major companies. Since I've switched over to all of the products Wendi has recommended, my skin is clearing up beautifully. Most of her products prices are comparable to the ones you find at a chained beauty store. SERIOUSLY. You're talking to the girl who has tried everything under the moon. The products are beautifully designed, the aroma is amazing and my skin is happy and not irritated like the peels you find at the facial store or that drugstore cleanser you bought for $5.99. So I am so pleased by the inner healing that is happening with my skin. Every visit with Wendi is refreshing, sweet, fun and enlightening! She is full of joy and spunk but also comes with knowledge and tips. I have left her feeling rested, peaceful and absolutely pleased because I know this has been working for me!

–Meagan L., Dallas, TX


I absolutely loved my experiences at Misaotra Beauty Santurary. I'm so grateful I've finally found holistic skin care in Dallas. Wendi offers the most relaxing environment and sacred space to help connect you back with your soul. My skin LOVES the natural products she uses and I always leaving glowing from the inside out. You will NOT regret this lovely self-care ritual. Book now!

  -Brittney C., Founder of  Shine School & Pyschic Soul Coach,   Dallas, TX


Glowing!! My skin actually looks younger and feels fantastic. I'm so impressed with Wendi. Not only does she perform miraculous, relaxing facials, she teaches you how to improve your skin from the inside. She knows her stuff. Loved the organic products she used. Location is great, plenty of parking and her space is so serene and beautiful. I will definitely be back!

–Stephanie M., Dallas, TX


I have been following Wendi on Instagram for awhile before I booked an appointment. Her posts have always been intriguing and inspiring. I was inspired by her full spiritual package as well as intrigued by the thought of getting my first facial by someone who took a holistic approach to skincare. I decided to kick off my year with a little self love, so I booked my first goddess facial with Wendi, and also threw in a Ayurvedic facelift with a lip treatment. As soon as I walked into her suite, I felt nothing but positive vibes along with a warm and cozy slice of heaven. Words can not describe how magical my first facial experience was! Not only do you leave her suite with glowing skin achieved with natural and organic products, but you leave with a sense of zen knowing that a skincare goddess just worked magic on your face, and you can't help but want to keep coming back! I can't wait to see my friend Wendi again for my regular goddess facial!!! 

                   -Marsha S., McKinney, TX

         - Sarah P., Master Esthetician and You Glow Gal, Beauty Blogger. Dallas, Tx.


"Wendi truly is a skin wizard.  After years of struggling with the combination of hormonal acne and the regular issues of aging skin (fine lines, etc), Wendi has finally gotten me to the point where I no longer have to wear make up.  She uses premium, organic, plant-based products that work.  Really work!  And I've tried literally everything...

As if that wasn't enough, Wendi's facial is truly one of the most relaxing that I've experienced.  She is so educated about skincare and so in touch with your individual needs, that your facial is customized to perfection.  She's an amazing aesthetician and a beautiful person.  I'm her biggest fan."

         -Cristin P., Good Vibes Energy    Works, Dallas, Tx.

I was referred to Wendi by Carpathia Collaborative and am SO thankful I was. After years of dealing with hormonal acne, autoimmune issues, and overall inflammation, my skin has not been poking its best. She spends so much time with you and really tailors each appointment to your skin’s specific needs. Her facials are awesome and incredibly relaxing. I’ve already booked monthly appointments for the next 6. months-she’s amazing!

- Sydney M.


I found Misaotra on Instagram and knew from the pictures that I'd love it. Wendi was amazing, so sweet and passionate about what she does and how the experience she wants for her clients. My skin feels amazing. I was so relaxed and loved how she works on the hands and feet to tie in the facial. She starts out with a foot bath that completely relaxes you. Her room is so zen and peaceful. She uses a plant based Cruelty free line and I'm in love with the product line. So happy to have found Wendi!

Holly P., (aka LEVTHEMUSIC) Dallas,TX


Wendi is a skincare goddess!!! I received my first facial ever from her a few weeks ago and I am officially hooked. She is extremely knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process so I felt completely comfortable. The products she uses are all natural and down right amazing; the smell, the feel, the results. My skin has literally never felt better after using them for just a couple of weeks. On top of her expertise, Wendi is a spirited human who promotes love within yourself. I left feeling peaceful, zen, love, and happiness  GO SEE HER!!!

                             -Mason G., Dallas, TX.


Seriously obsessed with my skin! Best facial ever!

- Natalie C., Precious Time Blog


I cannot say enough great things about Wendi. My friend told me about her because she uses plant based and cruelty free products only and let me tell you this woman does her research. She is very transparent and honest about what she thinks you need. Finding a good esthetician is not easy so I am pumped I found out about her. She's so fun to talk to and I provides a sanctuary for you when you come in. As a matter of fact I fell asleep on the table at my last visit. I look forward to my appointments because I know it will be a positive and relaxing experience each time. Can't wait to go back!

                          Scarlett C., Tyler, TX


Best facial ever!  I usually don't like facials but, as an older woman, I was concerned about my aging skin and decided to put myself in Wendi's care and follow whatever regimen she recommended.  And I'm glad I did!  I love the products she sells and uses in her spa and the facial she does is more pleasant and relaxing than any I have ever had.  Truly a complete experience.  My skin is looking and feeling much better and I left her spa feeling completely relaxed.  Her space is beautiful and her manner and approach is professional, well-informed, and soothing.  Great experience!

–Linda C., Midlothian, TX


So happy I found Wendi! I saw her for a lip and brow waxing. She took the time on my brows and I left feeling completely satisfied with the outcome. She did an amazing job! She shares some background on the natural products she uses, and the wax! The wax she uses will not leave the small bumps which in the past I used to get all the time after a wax. Yipee! Wendi was wonderful to talk to, I already scheduled my next appointment! Highly recommend!

–Kayla C., Dallas, TX


"What I received wasn't just a facial, it was a total calming and meditative experience  touching on beauty from the inside out. It was a retreat from my everyday bust life and it allowed me to center on the present moment."
                          -Katherine B., Dallas, Tx.


"Wendi was amazing!! From the moment I started with the foot bath, I could tell it was going to be an amazing experience. I got the 1 hour skin ritual and she really took her time to address the needs of my skin! I loved the products she used and she gave me lots of great recommendations! I highly recommend Wendi."
                            - Nikki H.,Dallas, TX.


"It's been a few weeks since my first appointment and my skin looks just as good or better than immediately following. Wendi is gifted and treats your skin issues in totality. Her Laurel product line is worth every penny - such a great investment that transformed my skin! Even with travel this month I've hardly worn makeup. I can't wait to come back!
                           -Lilly N., Dallas, TX.


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