We are awakening to the truth about where our food comes from, and by extension, where our skincare comes from. Like the food we eat, the most beautiful skincare is made with raw, organic, farm sourced. handcrafted ingredients.
— Laurel
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Based in Northern California, Laurel WPO sources the majority of their plant material from small organic and biodynamic farms within 100 miles of where their skincare is made in Sausalito, California. Their approach is cutting edge, modern and very different from other plant based lines. Using WHOLE PLANT science, Laurel is able to handcraft skincare that gives us longer lasting glowing results than any synthetic scientific breakthrough. Your skin becomes luminous and age-less as it knows how to use this plant medicine to heal it's self. 

It’s time to raise the bar for skin care ingredients.
— Laurel

                  photos by Laurel WPO 

purpl goat by taiann eiland


photos by @greenbeautylove


Handmade in Los Angeles, California by Taiann Eiland, a licensed esthetician since 2007. Suffering from her own painful cystic acne, she began learning more about the power of plants and self-love rituals and how together they awaken the beauty within. After dramatically changing the health of her own skin with her creations, she just had to share what she had discovered. Formulated with love, creativity, passion and care, PurpL Goat combines pure plant power with daily affirmations of self-love printed on every product to deliver your clearest most vibrant skin.


Misaotra promises to never use skincare containing parabens, synthetic fragrances, toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. Only high-vibe, planet/animal/human friendly ingredients are used at Misaotra. Commited to helping you achieve your most radiant skin through the purest unadulterated skincare and self-care rituals, you will discover your best skin and your best self.