When it comes to your skin and overall wellbeing, Misaotra offers a holistic retreat from the standard skin care remedies and environment. Personalized and professional skin therapies encourage radiant, healthy skin.

a sanctuary for the
skin + spirit




  • PROFESSIONAL CARE - Licensed and insured. 
  • ECO-CONSCIOUS ENVIRONMENT- utilize only organic linens and earth-friendly EPA approved disinfectants, rug made of recycled plastic bottles, elements of decor custom made for Misaotra by women with healing intention and love .   
  • SKIN INTEGRITY - Organic plant-based, non-invasive skin care solutions using the purest of the pure eco-lux skincare to promote a wildly vibrant, healthy complexion.

WENDI HARDAGE, owner/lead aesthetician / educator

Since 2001, Wendi's holistic approach to skin care has helped her clients achieve healthy, more youthful skin. As a licensed aesthetician, cosmetologist and instructor, her passion has always been to share her knowledge of ancient skin remedies and techniques. Client education is one element of care that continues to set Misaotra apart from others in the quickly growing world of earth based organic esthetics.

With an interest in clean living and maintaining a youthful radiant glow naturally, Wendi began studying the Ayurvedic system of India and the healing arts of plant medicine early in life and has pursued this passion for more than two decades. Discovery of the connection between mind, body, spirit and overall skin health continues to fuel Wendi's passion to help others attain their best skin and overall well-being.